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Perfect Mash

LBrrrrr, it's really cold out there today. I think on days like today all we want is to sit by the fire and tuck into a nice stew with mashed potato. So here are some tips on making the perfect mash and adding something to make it more interesting (even more interesting than it already is).

Boil your potatoes in salted water. (Salt is not only a flavouring it also aids in keeping in nutrients, so don't feel too bad about adding a little salt to your veg). Only boil potatoes until you can slip a knife easily into them, don't over boil otherwise they'll become waterlogged. Once boiled, drain and place a tea-towel over the saucepan, this will keep them warm while you do other things and also the tea towel will soak up the steam, drying them out a little bit more. At this point you can either mash with your potato masher with milk or for really smooth mash, push the potatoes through a potato ricer. Then just push the potatoes to the side of the saucepan so they don't actually come in contact with the heat and add your milk, butter and a little white pepper, place back on the heat to warm through milk and butter then just stir with a wooden spoon. Voila!

To jazz them up a bit try adding the following just before serving: wholegrain mustard; or horseradish sauce; or cheese and a dash of Dijon mustard; or pesto; or fresh coriander; or mayonnaise mixed with a bit of curry powder; or garlic butter. Or just go for it and add whatever!

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