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Don't know what to take for a gift?

What about these:

Chocolate truffles, wrapped in cellophane with a little ribbon.

For the chocolates:

250g of dark chocolate
100ml double cream
Cocoa powder and/or chopped nuts and/or white chocolate
Flavourings: Baileys, rum, cointreau, amaretto, brandy.

Melt the chocolate and the cream together in the microwave or in a pyrex bowl over simmering water. Keep watch and don't allow to over heat. Add a choice of your flavourings from the list of tipples above. Leave aside to cool and thicken. When cool enough to handle, with a teaspoon, scoop some chocolate into your hand and make into a ball. Roll in some cocoa powder or finely grated white chocolate or chopped nuts. (Not all three otherwise they won't stick and will just make a mess of the other ingredients.) Makes a wonderful and easy gift for your hostess.

Present by putting them into cellophane and tying the top with ribbon.

If you don't have an cellophane ask your friendly florist, or me!

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